The easiest POS for stores

Catinfog is a super easy to use POS program with which you can organize the sales of your physical and online store.

Easy, Powerful and Synchronized with the Cloud

To print tickets or invoices, to have a control of the stock and of the clients should be something easy and simple. Don't get complicated with supercomplex programs and focus on your business thanks to a POS that works 100% in the cloud.

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For all types of shops

We don't have a different version for each type of store. Our experience tells us that whatever type of business you have, simplicity is always the best option.
That's why Catinfog's POS adapts to almost any type and size of store.

tpv tienda de ropa

Clothing stores

Manage your Boutique easily and from the cloud. Manage sizes, colors easily.

tpv panaderia


Selling bread and pastries is a task that requires extra effort in the warehouse order.

tpv zapateria

Shoe shops

Running a shoe store requires a very tidy warehouse and speed of execution before the customer.

tpv cafeteria

Coffee shops

Serving hundreds of coffees each breakfast requires great concentration and speed.

Other Industries
the time it takes you to learn how to use it

5 minutes: the time it takes you to learn how to use it

Many stores refuse to use a POS program in their store because of the difficulty in learning how to use it.
This has to stop! A POS should be easier to use than a notepad or an excel.

At Catinfog we guarantee that it won't take you more than 5 minutes to learn how to use our POS.

With the POS you also get an online store

Many retailers do not have an online store because it would cost them a lot of time and work to keep the stock up to date. That's why our POS comes standard with an Online Store.
The online store and the POS are synchronized in real time. The products (stock, prices, offers, etc...) and categories of the POS are the same as in the Online Store.

In short: if you buy Catinfog you will also have an Online Shop without any effort.

pos online store

Catinfog is a web POS and
is managed from the browser

Everyone knows how to use chrome, safari or internet explorer. Because Catinfog is managed from any browser just like a website. And these are only advantages:

  • Getting started is easy and inexpensive. A laptop, an android mobile phone or an iphone is enough to serve customers.
  • You can sell from the counter, at home, on the porch of your restaurant and even on the beach.
  • Don't stop working in the face of unforeseen events. If your computer breaks down, you can use any other computer to continue selling without annoying downtime.
  • Updates are automatic, so you don't have to worry about maintenance anymore.

Can I start using Catinfog for free?

Yes, you can start right now and totally free. Just register and you can try Catinfog for 14 days without obligation. In fact every month you must decide if you continue with our POS one more month.
If you need help to set up your POS, you have at your disposal a support section where you can ask us any question or you can also read the documentation and watch video tutorials that will help you step by step to solve any doubt you may have.
So yes. You can start using Catinfog for free right now.

Also sell on a Touch Screen

Many stores want to sell with a tablet or with a touch screen computer. That's why our tpv is designed to be handled with your fingers on any touchscreen device. It is a sensational experience to manage a store with finger touches on the screen of a tablet, a mobile phone or an all-in-one PC. That is why we have taken special care designing an interface with buttons and menus specially optimized for clumsy hands and thick fingers.

And although most still use mouse and keyboard, there are several reasons to use a touch screen:

  • Accelerate the sales process by 20% compared to the keyboard and mouse.
  • You can handle it with a smartphone. Selling from an iphone or an android can be interesting in large stores where mobility is needed. It is the easiest way to have a full touch POS.
  • It is ideal for catering businesses (tapas bars, beer, etc ...).. The most hygienic in food or bars sectors is a touch POS that you can handle without the need of a keyboard or a mouse.
  • The hardware is cheaper.. With the rise of tablets and smartphones, it is feasible to build a touchscreen TV cheaper than with a computer.
  • The POS control panel is also tactile and can be used on all types of screens with finger gestures.
  • The minimalist design f Catinfog is an invitation to use gestures.
tpv tactil

Everything your store needs in a POS

Catinfog is not the typical POS hyper-inflated of useless tools. We know that your time is money and you need a minimalist and easy to manage program.

tpv online
POS online

You can handle Catinfog from a web browser such as chrome, safari or edge. That's why you can start using it right now.

imprime tickets
Tickets and invoices

Print tickets and receipt quickly on your thermal printer or invoices in DinA4 format on your usual printer. Automatically send invoices by e-mail.

tienda online
Online sale

With Catinfog you will also get an online store that you can manage at the same time as the tpv in a centralized and easy way.


Have full control over your customers. Check the history of purchases, returns, discounts or most purchased products.


Choose the best way to accept payments, including gift cards, credit card, cash, etc. Make returns and refunds with money or tickets.


Take control of the warehouse with counts and automatic low stock alerts. Plan your purchases with time.

POS compatible with smartphone, tablet or pc

To sell with Catinfog you only need a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, even if they are tactile.

Some POS providers pair their software with a specific hardware, but with this tpv system you will have the freedom to use any computer, printer, scanner or screen and turn them into a real touch register but much cheaper. In fact, the Catinfog interface is specially designed to be used with your fingers on a touch surface.

For example, you can sell with your mobile accompanying the customer through the premises and send the print order of the ticket wirelessly and with a "simple touch of fingers".

You will not lose data, since the Point of Sale (POS) saves all operations in the cloud in real time. No stops and data loss due to breakdowns.

compatible with mobile tablet or pc
Sell more with the catinfog pos

Take control of your business from anywhere

When opening a store you have to make the least possible mistakes, starting by not buying a POS that does not connect to the cloud or that is second-hand. You have to choose the system that gives you real value without stealing your most precious asset: your time.

In full 2019, a free management software for retailers should give control of the financial and warehouse situation at a glance and from anywhere.

For example, knowing at all times from the mobile the open boxes and the money they contain, and if there is more than yesterday at this point. These things are what bring real value to small and large stores.

With Catinfog you will have access to the control panel from anywhere in the world and you will be able to observe in real time any activity of the vendors, boxes and warehouse.

Simplicity is the key

A shop that wants to function properly must have a point of sale management program. But not just any program. Our point of sale terminal is designed to accelerate each sale and improve the store-customer relationship always under the principle of MINIMALISM, or what is the same, catinfog will reduce the management time of your store.

This will also improve the sales experience and your customers will notice that they are taken into consideration.

Selling with our pos is so simple that you only need a few minutes to start managing your store as naturally as possible.

simple pos

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cliente de catinfog

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"With Catinfog we can simultaneously serve customers from the bar, at the tables and on the street."

Maria José Esparza - Coffee shop Lizarralde

cliente de catinfog

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"For me the best thing is that I can watch from anywhere and with the mobile as the sales of the day grow."

Miguel Álvarez - Hombre de Etiqueta

cliente de catinfog

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We wanted to be able to sell online with an online store connected to the management program store."

Estrella Royo - Boutique A mi manera

Try it for 14 days. Your shop will be easier to manage.

If you have come here it is because you are interested in what we are telling you.
So try 14 days free Catinfog and get out of doubt.